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Moving Larger Furniture - How To Prepare For Your Removal Day

The day of the removal is a big one, and there are so many things that are there to cause you stress that it will seem like you are having a very bad dream, however a decent amount of preparation will ensure that you are able to avoid any issues at the last minute, and get the move on in a way that will be both practical and efficient. Part of this is ensuring that nothing gets damaged, and with much of the work in lifting and shifting your furniture being done by people other than you, it is pretty essential that you have protected your items before the removals team even arrive! You may well be involved in the process yourself, and want to have an idea as to how to wrap, pack and protect your furniture, so that it is left in one piece when you arrive at the new house, ready to be put it it’s new places!For a start, have a think about the journey of each large piece of furniture on the day of your removal. If you have long, thin and twisting corridors, then you will no doubt realize that things are going to be very difficult for you! The route of long or particularly wide items will need to be considered, and if it looks like there is going to be a lot of maneuvering and the potential bumping of walls and corners, then you need to ensure that you prepare the item adequately. The fact is, a sliver of cardboard along an edge could save a serious scratch down a sideboard, or in the wall, so it is worth having a look at. If your items are very delicate, or made up of rare materials, then protection needs to be a lot more solid than if they are more hardy. For instance, a table with a rare veneer will need to have blankets put over it before other things are placed on it, whereas a plastic topped one will not be as easily damaged. Go over all of your furniture looking at places where damage could occur in a more obvious way than others; does your wardrobe have delicate handles on it? Are the casters on your chairs going to snap off if tweaked? All of these things are worth considering and accounting for when you are preparing to move. The nature of certain furniture styles may mean that the value comes in these spindly little details, so losing them will be of serious consequence!When you are packing up larger bits of furniture, you will no doubt wonder what to do with the contents of drawers and the like. For the most part, the answer is that you need to remove the contents of all units, unless they have sealed drawers that will keep their contents in the same order as before. Filing cabinets are the only thing that people tend to have that do this, but even so, the amount of paper within may make it extremely heavy, and the likelihood of things getting messed up whilst the cabinet is being flipped around to fit in the van is potentially not worth the risk! The only issue with unloading everything from the drawers is that the extra boxes et al could result in a larger load price and therefore a more expensive removal. The likelihood of damage however outweighs this factor fairly significantly.