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How to Compromise when Moving House on a Budget

With rental prices at an all-time high, compromising on certain aspects of moving house is an unfortunate part of the process. Being realistic, doing your research and knowing your options when it comes to removal services will ensure you get the best for your money. However, if you’re new to the market, it’s difficult to know what you should be prioritising when moving to a new abode. Here are a few ways in which you can arrange your priorities are when finding a home. Be Realistic.It’s essential that you keep in mind that the chances are you won’t get everything you want in a home, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Making sure you know exactly what you’re looking for when hunting is important, but so is being flexible on certain aspects. For example, you’re unlikely to get an outdoor space, hot tub and bedroom with an en suite if you’re on a tight budget. However, you may be able to get just an en suite or outdoor area. Remain level-headed and open to compromise when looking, and search for a cheap removals for the big day so the money you save can be put into other area.Think about the basics.To determine which potential aspects of a new home are essential for you, think about your most basic priorities and make a moving checklist of the bare necessities you want. The number of bedrooms you need, for example, should be one of the first bullet points on your itinerary. Think about how many bathrooms you’d like and then consider about how many bathrooms you actually need; this may give you some wiggle room. Factors such as outdoor space and the size of the rooms also need to be thought about. Could you compromise on the size of your master bedroom for a garden, or vice versa? Also consider location when it comes to compromising. Relocation is a huge step and although you’ll most likely have an exact area that you’ve researched extensively and want to move to, if you can perhaps move to an area a few streets away that may be slightly further away from transport links, this could affect the price of your home.Decide on deal-breakers.Rental deal-breakers are the key aspects of moving house that you will not compromise on. Although being flexible can be useful, you will still have to be the one to live in your new home and if there are parts of it you don’t like, you may not be as happy as you should be. Think about what parts of your existing home you couldn’t live without. For example, if you have a pet, having a garden may be something you’re not willing to compromise on (although it’s important to check with your new landlord that they do allow pets in the new property). Or, if you have children, being within easy walking distance of their school might be imperative to your move. Noting down these deal-breakers and bringing them with you to each viewing will ensure you remain firm and get what you want.Ask questions.When viewing a property, make sure to ask the estate agent or landlord any question which pop into your head. After all, if you’re unhappy with the property you’re currently viewing, there may be a similar one not too far away which has everything you need. If you’re renting, is the landlord open to you painting the walls, moving furniture or remaining with your existing internet provider? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make enquiries about your potential new home.Also asking about the average price of utility bills in that area, if you haven’t already found out, will help you work out a more accurate view of how much you can spend on rent and therefore show you how much you need to compromise.

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